Metallica are one of the world's biggest bands, and to celebrate this, I plan on sharing my favourite live performances with everyone. Have a look around and enjoy the music!


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Day that Never Comes

One of the singles released from Death Magnetic, this is one of my favourite songs off of the new album.  Fast paced solo complemented by more calm verses.  Great guitar work and drums.  An awesome performance as well.  Nimes must be an amazing venue to play in, it looks beautiful.


  1. Haven't even had a chance to hear the new album. This has wet my whistle but I don't want to cop out and buy this bad boy on iTunes. Trip to the music store tomorrow me thinks.

  2. It's definitely worth getting. A lot of great songs on it

  3. That one I really love. Overall, actually, I really like the new album.

  4. gods of rock i tell you, goooods of rock