Metallica are one of the world's biggest bands, and to celebrate this, I plan on sharing my favourite live performances with everyone. Have a look around and enjoy the music!


Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Unforgiven

What a song! It's an all-time classic, and it's one of those songs that seems to tell a story, or tell a life lesson.  An emotional song, but damn is it good.  Awesome solo section at the end as well, which Kirk nails in this video from the Mexico showin 2009.


  1. you're a sick metallica fan obviously, so I'm guessing you've seen the "year and half in the life" documentary where they made the Black Album, and the epic battle between Kirk and Bob Rock over how the solo for Unforgiven should be played.

    I always think of that scene now when I hear this song.

  2. fucking proper performance! would have loved to have been there...

    never free, never me, so i dub thee unforgiven